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Thank you for your interest in job opportunities at Danny's Lodge!

Ever dreamed of being a Showgirl? Now you can live the dream and be the star of the show! As an entertainer at Danny's Lodge, you will interact with guests and create a new experience every day!

Danny's Lodge exceeds expectations by offering a hip, energetic and fun atmosphere with an unparalleled blend of a convenient and comfortable setting. We are looking for individuals to join Danny's Lodge who possess the rare combination of energy, passion and dedication.

Why should you be a Danny's Showgirl?

  • You’ll join a select group of beautiful and talented girls from across the country!
  • Make more money in one night than most make in a week or more!
  • Work in a fun & exciting atmosphere!
  • Our hours are very flexible to fit your schedule!

To inquire about employment as an entertainer for Danny's Lodge, please apply in person at:

177 Warrington Road
Vaiden, Mississippi

Click Here for a map to the club.

Interested in belonging to Danny's Lodge Staff?

You would be the supporting cast! In the club you keep the energy, image, and experience of Danny's Lodge exciting for guests with each visit. Door hostesses, bartenders, waitresses, DJ's, Security...your position is being cast.

Why should you join Danny's Staff?

You have the potential to earn great money while creating an exciting atmosphere for your guests in an upscale surrounding.

To inquire about employment as staff for Danny's Lodge, Vaiden, Mississippi, please contact us at:

       Apply in person at
       177 Warrington Road
       Vaiden, Mississippi



Danny's Lodge Address Vaiden, MS




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